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How to find out your undertone


You're not the only one that gets confused when make-up artists start talking about undertones? Like…. Warm, cool, green, yellow, etc.

Uhm, who cares??


Actually, finding out your undertone can really help you find the colours that complement your skin colour the best.

We have studied all of that to make the best colours for you! This is what KELSA is about.

But don’t get us wrong, 🎵 because you are beautiful just the way you are🎵


So for our Amores who would like some tips to find out which undertone they have, you better keep reading.


First of all, there are 3 basic undertones warm, cool and neutral:

Undertone Color of the undertone
Cool Blue, pink, purple
Warm Yellow, Gold, red, green, peachy
Neutral Mixture

Now that you know a little more about the different undertones, we will give you some methods to find out which undertone you have.

Well, we will explain you some methods....


  1. Vein color:

Look at your wrist. What color are your veins? Compare them to the undertone chart.


  1. White Paper:

Compare a sheet of white paper to your neck.

A.  Is your complexion pink or reddish then you belong to the people with a cool undertone.

B. Is your skin more yellowish you have a warm undertone.

C. If you can’t tell, then you’re probably neutral.


  1. Silver or Gold jewelry:

Go in your jewelry and grab some silver and gold jewelry. Hold both of them next to your face and compare the effect of your complexion. Which side makes you look better?

A. If the answer is silver then you have a cool undertone.

B. If it’s gold, you have a warm undertone. Now you know why Beyonce is the Golden Queen...


Now let’s go back to shopping and making the right decisions!


Oh yeah, for all those who feel forgotten .... Don’t worry, Amore, there is much more to come.